SSV WORKS Rhino Front 6 1/2" Speaker Pods

SSV WORKS Rhino Front 6 1/2" Speaker Pods
Item# ssv-works-rhino-front-6-12quot-speaker-p612
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SSV Works custom molded kick panels to house 6 1/2" speakers and bolt into the upper foot well away from your feet. They are 100% fiberglass for the best sound quality and bass response. They are finished in a black texture coat to match Yamaha textures and can be custom painted to match your color scheme. Includes stainless mounting hardware and step-by-step installation instructions.

Speaker options: Premium speakers: Our premium speakers started the revolution. They produce great volume and clarity for the price and are very reliable. 6.5" 150 watt 2-way speakers Alpine Upgrade: Type-R co-ax speakers are the clearest sounding speaker you’ll find at full volume, and they are loud. Plus, the mid-bass response from these drivers make them a perfect fit for the audiophile looking for loud clear with great bass. 6.5” 300 watt 2-way speaker

Without speakers: order em empty, Already have speakers? This is for you.