ONE GRAND 10-16-12 - 'Special Touch' non-abrasive cleaning polish

ONE GRAND 10-16-12 - 'Special Touch' non-abrasive cleaning polish
Item# ONE-10-16-12

Product Description

"Special Touch" is a highly specialized non-abrasive cleaning polish. Designed to use ahead of "Omega Glaze" on finishes that are oxidized or faded or affected with water spots or fallout and fine scratches from neglect. "Special Touch" is exceptional at restoring a finish to like new condition and when followed with "Omega Glaze" and "Blitz Wax" it creates an appearance that mimics new paint.

"Special Touch" is safe on clear coat paints when they are in need of restoration, and traditional abrasive cleaners are too aggressive and not effective on the newer factory clear coat finishes.

"Special Touch" also works very quickly and may be applied by hand or machine with a variety of either pads or polishing cloths to achieve the desired results.

When you buff "Special Touch" into a finish that is dull and faded, the transformation is almost immediate to clear & glossy!

SPECIAL TOUCH should be followed with OMEGA GLAZE and BLITZ WAX for a long lasting and stunning appearance.

Packaged in a convenient, easy dispense, flip top bottle: Part # 10-16-12 Special Touch 16oz