MUZZY'S 1014-00332 Stainless Dual Exhaust - 08-up Teryx 750

MUZZY'S 1014-00332 Stainless Dual Exhaust - 08-up Teryx 750
Item# muzzy39s-101400332-stainless-dual-exhaust3910140033208750

Product Description

The Muzzy Standard Teryx exhaust is the hands down favorite of Teryx owners world wide. Designed and optimized for stock bore engines, this system offers the greatest overall power increases. The exclusive siamese collector design offers full scavenging with no flow restriction and a huge increase in low and midrange power. The dual muffler canisters are available in three finishes and feature billet aluminum inlets and outlets. Each canister comes standard with the Muzzy Modular Endcap system that includes a removable USFS approved spark arrester and quiet core. The muffler canisters are held via two trick looking CNC machined aluminum brackets. Detailed installation instructions are included. The dual muffler design helps keep sound levels to a minimum while maintaining the powerful Muzzy exhaust tone.

Features: - Full stainless 2-1-2 design. - Optimized for stock engines. - Dual oxygen sensor bungs. - Siamese collector. - Flanged exhaust gaskets included. - Dual oval mufflers. - Billet aluminum muffler mount brackets. - USFS approved spark arrestors and quiet cores - Minimum sound levels / Maximum performance