MUZZY Dual Stainless Exhaust - 08-Up Polaris RZR / RZR-S

MUZZY Dual Stainless Exhaust - 08-Up Polaris RZR / RZR-S
Item# muzzy-dual-stainless-exhaust--08up-polaris-rzr--rz08
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Product Description

NEW - Polaris Ranger RZR Muzzy Exhaust System

- Full stainless 2-1-2 design. - Dual polished oval stainless mufflers - Billet aluminum muffler mount brackets. - +15% power increase. - Integrated oxygen sensor bung. - Heat shielding included. - USFS approved spark arrestors and quiet cores - Minimum sound levels / Maximum performance

This is the ultimate exhaust choice for the Polaris Ranger RZR & RZR-S. Fully tuned equal length headpipes merge from 2 into1 into 2, creating the most powerful RZR exhaust available. The polished stainless steel canisters feature billet aluminum inlets and outlets. Each canister comes standard with the Muzzy Modular Endcap system that includes a removable USFS approved spark arrestor and quiet core. The muffler canisters are held via a trick looking CNC machined aluminum bracket. The integrated oxygen sensor bung allows the addition of an air/fuel meter. The dual oval muffler design helps keep sound levels to a minimum while maintaining the incredible Muzzy exhaust tone. Detailed installation instructions are included. Two versions are available, a standard version and a "LT" (long travel) version.

The "LT" system is designed for use with many aftermarket long travel suspension kits. It fits both the RZR & RZR-S model. The system includes a combination upper muffler mount bracket that also ties the rear shock mounts together. This bracket replaces the aftermarket brace that's usually included in the long travel kit and thus eliminates clearance issues that may result from mounting the Muzzy dual muffler assembly.