MCX-USA Yamaha Rhino 700FI Turbo Kit

MCX-USA Yamaha Rhino 700FI Turbo Kit
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Product Description

With the introduction of the fuel injected 700 Rhino, MC Xpress was able to take incorporate of some of the their EFI kit features that have been very successful in the snowmobile market. The EFI systems ad a secondary injector or injectors for the additional needed fuel and is controlled by their 3rd generation proprietary EFI control box. This system ads any extra fuel needed for proper fuel ratio due to increases in boost. The system will also maintain proper fueling for environmental changes, such as changes in altitude. A TCV in incorporated in the system and controls boost pressure so that sea level horsepower is maintained at any elevation.

The kit is complete and includes a new turbo piston and custom programmed Dynatek ignition module. The stock airbox is designed to be utilized in the system for the quietness and the benefits of its location. A custom muffler with a USFS approved spark arrestor is installed after the turbo so that you will have much more horsepower while remaining quiet. If you are capable of removing and re-installing the cylinder to change the piston on the Rhino , you can easily install this turbo kit.

An average home mechanic should be able to do the install in 8-10 hours if it is their first installation. There is minor cutting involved and no required welding although it is suggested to weld two parts for a guaranteed seal rather than clamp them. This kit is designed to run at 11 PSI on premium pump gas and will double the horsepower of a stock Rhino.

Why MCX-USA Turbo Kits? Intercooled - Decreases intake charge temperatures which allows higher boost pressure; Designed for high octane pump gas - MCX-USA turbo kits are designed to operate using pump gas eliminating the added expense of race gas; Lowered Compression Ratio - Allows higher boost pressures without detonation; Secondary fuel injector - Provides additional fueling by plug and play pre-programmed controller, no overriding of the stock fuel system; Thousands of miles of testing - This is our hobby as well as yours, we test our products daily so you can be assured of quality.