MCX-USA 09-up Kawasaki Teryx 750FI Turbo Kit

MCX-USA 09-up Kawasaki Teryx 750FI Turbo Kit
Item# mcxusa-09up-kawasaki-teryx-750fi-turb09750
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NEW kit, NOW shipping, more info coming soon!

Why MCX-USA Turbo Kits? Intercooled - Decreases intake charge temperatures which allows higher boost pressure; Designed for high octane pump gas - MCX-USA turbo kits are designed to operate using pump gas eliminating the added expense of race gas; Lowered Compression Ratio - Allows higher boost pressures without detonation; Secondary fuel injector - Provides additional fueling by plug and play pre-programmed controller, no overriding of the stock fuel system; Thousands of miles of testing - This is our hobby as well as yours, we test our products daily so you can be assured of quality.