HYPERTECH #32003 Max Energy Programmer - 06-09 Duramax LLY/LBZ/LMM

HYPERTECH #32003 Max Energy Programmer - 06-09 Duramax LLY/LBZ/LMM
Item# hypertech-32003-max-energy-programmer--0609-duramax-320030609

Product Description

Max Energy Tuning extracts every bit of energy possible out of every molecule of fuel giving you more miles at part-throttle and and more power at wide-open throttle. In order to increase engine efficiency, horsepower and torque, our engineers first optimize the spark and fuel curves point by point over the entire rpm band. In addition, Hypertech’s exclusive Transmission/Converter Programs in every power programmer to further increase fuel mileage by lowering automatic transmission shift points and locking the torque converter at lower speeds to average less...

• engine revs • intake strokes • friction and pumping losses and • fuel wasting torque converter slippage.

With the additional power and optimized transmission functions, drivers use less fuel to accelerate and maintain cruising speeds without the torque converter un-locking and transmission down-shifting to a lower gear. The results are maximum power and fuel mileage.Max Energy...The Best Hand held Performance Tuner On The Market!

Diesel Vehicles

Three (3) stages of Power Tuning are available. Even the highest power level Stage 3, maintains safe EGTs while towing the maximum weight specified by the vehicle manufacturer. No other tuner offers this level of power for towing. Hypertech’s low EGTs, proper transmission shifting and superior tuning that doesn’t require de-fueling, giving the Max Energy Power Programmer the performance advantage.

Adjustable features depend on year, make, and model of vehicle. Vehicle specific features are listed on dyno graphs. -Raises Top Speed Limiter - Allows the vehicle's top speed to be matched to the speed rating of high-performance tires. - Three-Stage Power Tuning - Special Three-Stage Tuning for Select Vehicles - Speedometer/Odometer Correction for Tire Size Changes - Automatically corrects speedometer and odometer readings for non-stock tire sizes and/or non-stock rear-end gear ratios (accurate odometer readings are required by law) - Reads, Displays and Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) - The Diagnostics program reads, explains, and clears diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's).